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Production Main Machines
We have at our disposal a wide range of tooling machines capable of large scale machining, grinders, lathes, high speed machining centers for part production and a section of EDM for maximum precision parts.

There is also a pressing area with capacity for tools up to 3 Meters and 400 Tons of Pressure, and faster and lighter presses for large productions, that give us In-House try-out capability and sheet metal part productions.

  • 1 Milling Machine CNC “ZAYER” X= 3700mm Y=1258mm Z=1300mm
  • 1 Milling Machines CNC “ZAYER” X= 2663mm Y=1019mm Z=950mm
  • 1 Milling Machines CNC “CORREA” X=1800mm Y=740mm Z=700mm
  • 1 Milling Machines CNC “BRIDGEPORT” X=750mm Y=350mm Z=420mm
  • 1 Milling Machines CNC “MIKRON” X=900mm Y=416mm Z=520mm
  • 1 Milling Machines CNC “CORREA” X=3500mm Y=2500mm Z=1100mm
  • 3 Machining Center CNC TNC 426 “MAS” X=1000mm Y=600mm Z=660mm.

  • 5 Milling Machines with Digital Reading
  • 2 Milling Machines with Digital Reading.

  • 2 CNC Turning Machine, with a capacity: Diameter 250mm, Distance between points 800mm.

  • 1 Turning Machine with a capacity: Diameter 1530mm, Distance between points 800mm
  • 3 Turning Machine with a capacity up to: Diameter 530mm, Distance between points 1500mm.


  • 2 EDM CNC X=700mm Y=400mm Z=400mm
  • 2 EDM CNC X=450mm Y=309mm Z=300mm.

  • 1EDM CNC X=325mm Y=260mm Z=190mm.

  • 1 Surface Grinder (Plan) with digital reading X=510mm Y=150mm Z=300mm
  • 1 Surface Grinder (Plan) X=1700mm Y=700mm Z=600mm.

  • 2 Cylindrical Grinder Diameter ext. =350mm Diameter int. =300mm L=1200mm.

  • 1 Threading Machine
  • 1 Plow
  • 2 Welding Machines MIG TIG 300Am
  • 1 Semi Automatic Welding Machine MIG/MAG
  • 1 Semi Automatic Welding Machine MIG
  • 1 Welding Machine between points.

  • 6 Mechanical Presses up 400 Tons.